New York construction accident lawyer 2022.

New York construction accident lawyer information 2022.

New York construction accident lawyer:- The construction industry is one of the most dangerous in the country. Each year, workers are killed on the job from accidents that could have been prevented. An experienced New York construction accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.
New York construction site accidents can cause serious physical injuries and even deadly accidents. If you have been injured on a New York construction site, construction accident attorney John DiMino can help you seek the compensation you deserve. John has represented thousands of construction accident victims in New York, and will do everything in his power to ensure that you receive the justice you deserve. Call (888) 759-5511 today to schedule a free consultation with a construction site accident lawyer.

New York City Labor Laws and Occupational Safety.

Most of the time, lawsuits are filed after an accident has occurred. But no one really knows how long it takes for a worker to file a personal injury claim. In fact, many people have told us they have waited months or even years to file because they just didn’t want to take the chance of missing their day job.

This is not a good use of your time.
For those who don’t know, New York City is the sixth largest city in the United States and has many high-profile projects underway or under construction right now, including Radio City Music Hall, The High Line and Battery Park City. These projects have been plagued by construction accidents that can be caused by raw materials being left exposed because they’re too heavy to transport in streetcars. It’s also one of the most dangerous cities in America for construction workers as there are two hundred thousand laborers employed in NYC who handle this type of work every day. As such, it’s critical that you understand how long you have to file a personal injury claim if you were injured on a NYC construction site.

The average amount of time it takes for a New York City personal injury lawyer to receive payment from their client is about five years. And this does not include the unpaid medical bills that will likely be incurred after an incident occurs (costs can run into hundreds of thousands). If you haven’t already filed your lawsuit, please contact your local New York City construction accident attorney right away so you can get started with your legal claim before your personal injury case has lapsed and you have to start over again from scratch!

Construction Accidents new York 2022

There are thousands of construction accidents that happen every year in New York City. Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in the city, and it’s not a good idea to work alone on construction sites.

As with any workplace, there are a number of factors that can increase your risk of injury. We have experience working with workers who have been injured on the job and we have successfully settled many cases for our clients. Our experienced lawyers have handled thousands of cases involving construction accidents in NYC, Long Island and upstate New York.
If you are injured at work on a construction site, you need an experienced NYC personal injury lawyer to represent you in court. Call our office today at (212) 582-7107 for a free consultation about your case and to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers.

Real Estate Developers and the Dangers of Construction Work.

Construction accidents continue to take the lives of workers every year in New York City, and new research shows that this trend may be accelerating. Well-intentioned but uninformed real estate developers are putting workers at risk by using unsafe construction methods. Over the past couple of years, the number of fatal construction accidents has increased dramatically.
A study published in a recent issue of the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine confirms that deaths caused by occupational injuries in New York City rose from 11 to 18 percent between 2000 and 2012, from 31 to 45 percent since 2002, and were nearly double on a yearly basis between 2005 and 2009.
Real estate developers, contractors and other professionals involved with construction projects have a responsibility to ensure that their employees are safe at all times. If they do not do so or do not follow procedures strictly enough (which is often done on an ad hoc basis), they are responsible for any injury or death that may occur as a result of their negligence.

Construction Injury Statistics in New York City.

There are many misconceptions about the legal profession in New York City. I’m going to attempt to dispel a few of those myths here, but first we need to talk about New York City construction accident lawyers.
Construction injury lawyers represent victims of all types of construction accidents, including slip and fall accidents, worker’s comp claims, personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death cases.
There are two categories of construction worker injuries: slips and trips (i.e., falls) or falls where the worker was struck by an object falling from a third party’s hand (i.e., power tools).

Construction workers are the most vulnerable workers in New York City due to their large numbers and frequent traveling in and out of their area of work. If you are injured on a construction site that is not your fault you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills stemming from your injuries or lost wages from missed work days as a result of the accident. In addition, if you suffer injuries during an accident you should discuss your case with a qualified construction injury lawyer who can explain your rights in court before testifying on your behalf.

Handling Construction Accidents in New York City – The Importance of an Experienced Law Firm

It is normal for construction workers to be incredibly exposed to hazards. The hazards are many and include falling objects, scaffolding, climbing work, falling debris and injuries sustained during hard labor.
A construction worker’s injury may be minor or major and may take weeks or months to heal. When you are injured while working at a construction site (such as with a crane), it is imperative that you contact an experienced New York City personal injury attorney who will help you through the legal process of filing a construction worker’s compensation claim.
Construction accidents can occur at any time of day and can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, severe burns and headaches that go untreated for days and weeks. A personal injury attorney from our firm will be able to assist in the process of bringing your case to trial, which could take weeks if not months. If you have been injured by a negligent contractor on your property, we can help you recover compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact us today!


This article is a brief overview of some of the more common and serious injuries that can befall construction workers in New York City. It’s my hope that this article serves as a resource for anyone who believes they’ve been injured at work.
Nothing is more dangerous than coming into contact with an accident. You deserve to work with a New York City personal injury law firm that has extensive experience handling these cases.

I have worked with many injured construction workers, and I can categorically tell you: it doesn’t matter what city you live in — whether you live in the Big Apple or the suburbs, whether you are a lifelong resident or recently arrived from Beijing — if you are injured at work, you should consult a New York City personal injury lawyer.

Construction accidents can happen to anyone at any time: it happens every day in New York City; every week in Long Island; every day on the West Coast; even every day on Mars. You can be working hard, building something important for people all around the world, when suddenly someone makes an error and injures them badly enough to cause their death or disfigurement. This happens to people all around the world all the time. The worst thing about it is that nobody will ever know why your boss made an error, or why your fellow worker was so careless, so reckless.
The good news is that there is help available if you’re injured on the job in New York City or any other city across America and Canada: reach out to a New York City construction accident lawyer today!👍

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