Top 10 Best Educational Apps | Top Education Apps In India For Online Learning.

13 Best Educational Apps for Students in India.

Best Educational Apps

Best Educational Apps 2021 :- If you are a student then you will definitely need some of these apps. Whether you want to study from home or want to learn English, these best educational apps will help you to solve the problem of maths to prepare for your exam. With this great app you can do live class with teacher. You will be able to create your task. What I am telling you is the best app for studies, it is being recommended by the Play Store itself that you use these apps. I would just say that if you are looking for the best educational apps, then you can use any of these apps.

Top 10 online learning platforms in India.


Top 10 online learning platforms in India

This is a question scanner app from which you can scan the question of your subject and take its answer. The best app for studies is brainly, so that you can easily complete your homework, you can do self-study. You can get the solution of your doubt by asking the community present in this app. This is also a best free educational apps but if you want to solve maths and physics doubts in real time then you have to pay some money.

Answers for almost all subjects are available in brainly best problem solving apps such as Math, History, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Studies, Advanced Placement (AP), Geography, Health, Arts, Business, Computers and Technology, French, German, Spanish, and other languages ​​of the world are also available. If you ask your question in the text and picture room in this app, then you will provide verified answers made by experts. That’s why it is known as the best app for studies.

Top online education platforms in India.

BYJU’S -The Learning App

With the help of this app, students from 4 to 12 can study and prepare for exams like JEE, NEET. This best education app gives a good knowledge to the students by giving live classes to the students. It also contains recorded video lectures which are recorded by India’s top best educator. Subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics are taught in this app.

Just a few days ago, the study of social subjects has also started in this app. Which is taught by more than 1000 educators of India. The most common thing in these online education is that you get live classes and you can solve your doubts with the teacher. You can prepare for any exam. So if you also want to study sitting at home then this app is for you. india’s best educational apps for student.

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Byju’s App in marathi

List of online learning apps in India:-

Udemy Online Courses :-

Many people want that they do coarse online from home, so if you also want something like this then it is for you. udemy is a best education app by which you can coarse from your mobile and do the job you want. This app also gives you certificate which will help you in getting job. In this best education apps, coarse is available in more than 65 languages, even if you do not know English, then you can learn new skills in your Hindi language too.

udemy provide you thousands of coarses like Coding, Development, Python, Java, Business, Marketing, SEO, SEM, Drawing, Photography and many more. Nowadays this coarse is very much in trend, which if you learn then you can earn money online too. If we talk about the feature of this education app, then it is also very good. First of all, thousands of coarse free are available in it, and once you buy coarse, you will be able to access it for lifetime. Which is the biggest advantage of using udemy app. In this app also you get notes, quizes which increases your skill even more.


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Largest online learning platforms in India:-

Unacademy Learner App:-

This is the best education app in India in which you can do live classes. By using this app, you can prepare for any of your exams sitting at home. Like, prepare for board exams, IITs, JEE, NEET UG, CAT, SSC Exams, State PSCs with India’s top educator. In this, you will be able to study cbse classes like 1 to 6 with live educator. If you want to study sitting at home, then this best education app of India is giving you a chance to prepare more than 100 subjects. Your dream exam will be cracked sitting at home if you study with this app.

Yes, it takes some money to study, but some courses are also free, so that you can prepare for your exam. If we talk about the features of this app, then you will be able to win scholarship by giving mock test with its help. There are many quizes in it which helps you in solving the objective questions of the exam. Top features of unacademy like plan to study, clear your doubts by attending live class, chat with teacher in live class, study in a group, test every week in the form of mocks and quizes, your study performance Telling, providing lecture notes are the top features of this app, which is the best app for any exam preparation along with reading, best exam preparation apps.

Best free learning apps in India:-


For Indian students studying from Nursery to 12th, you get to see a valuable app on the Play Store , which is named Unfold You. This application is made by Harish Kumar ji. This app allows students to focus on self study without being dependent on others.

You can also use this application as a tuition teacher. This app gives equal opportunity of education to all. In this app you can now prepare for computer table exams like JEE, AIPMT, CAT & IAS. This is one of the best learning apps in India right now in which you can also get previous year question papers.

The good thing is that this app is available in both Hindi and English languages.


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Government education app;-

Diksha Platform for School Education :-

This app has been made by the ministry of India means government of India. That’s why you can say that this is one of the best Indian education apps which is very important for the student as well as the teacher. If you are studying or teaching in any school, then you can increase your knowledge even more by using this app. This app is for both English and Hindi medium students.

In this app you will find your school’s content such as videos, assignments etc. which are made by Indian teacher. When you come home from school, you will be able to revise the subject taught in that school at home. With the help of this app, you will be able to take the detail knowledge of your book by scanning the QR code and you will be able to clear your doubts. And if you are a teacher, then you can provide the best knowledge to the student by taking training for yourself. If you are an Indian then Diksha which is famous for school education, is the best app for studies, you can use it.

Best learning apps for students in india:-

Doubtnut NCERT Solutions, IIT JEE & NEET App :-

doubt nut is also one of the best educational apps. You can use it for studies from 1 to 12. Along with this, you can also prepare for exams like IIT JEE and NEET. When you download and start using this free education app, you will see that the solution of science subjects like maths, physics, chemistry, biology etc. is given in this app.

If you are a student of science, then you must have doubts sometimes, sometimes no question will be made, then sometimes you remain confused about any topic.

This is the best educational apps to clear your doubts. Whatever problem you have, just click on its photo and search in this app, the solution of your problem is found in the form of a lecture made by top educator. In this app you get all the questions of last year’s exam as well as its solution. This app has solutions for many books like NCERT, CBSE, RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, Cengage books for boards and competitive exams. So if you study from 1 to 12 or prepare for IIT JEE, NEET then doubtnut is the best app for you to study.

top 10 educational apps in india information in english.


This application named Topper is proving to be very helpful in the matter of education for CBSE students. Application named Topper provides you study material according to different classes.

Along with this, this application provides various types of content for students preparing for board exams to competitive exams like engineering, commerce or medical entrance exams.

It is a great eLearning app for CBSE and ICSE students from class 5th to 12th in India. Also, Live Seasons are provided by Expert Teachers on this app called Topper to the students preparing for JEE and NEET.

The special thing is that students studying from CBSE get lectures in both Hindi and English languages ​​through this app. Real Time Doubts Clearing feature has been given in the app. With which you can ask your questions at any time, whether it can be on any subject of Mathematics, Chemistry, Science.

Free educational apps for students in india:-

Great Learning Free Courses Online & Certificate :-

Friend, if you are studying in collage or you want me to do technical coarse sitting at home, then this home degree giving app gives you a chance to do undergraduate and post graduate in many subjects. You can get a certificate from great learning and get a good package job anywhere.

Best educational apps: – As much as it is good for studies, as much as for learning new skills. If you do not want to do a job, want to do your own business, still you can improve your knowledge by learning new technical skills from this great learning app. In this app, you can take a good job by doing coarse like Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, CyberSecurity, Marketing and Finance, Big Data, that’s why it is the best app for students to learn new skills.

Educational apps for students free downloads:-

Physics Wallah Best –

You might also know about Physics wallah, they also have a youtube channel on which they prepare for exams like 11th, 12th, JEE and NEET. And most of their students top the exam, whether it is a board exam or a competitive exam. It is known as India’s best educator.

In this best educational apps you will get live classes, recorded video lecture, assignment with questions, topic wise notes which will help you in cracking these exams. The best app for students can also be said because most of their videos are free because they believe that students do not have enough money to study. That’s why most of its videos are free. If you want, you can download physics wallah the best education apps from play store.

Educational apps for students android:-


Gyanly is an online learning platform from where students can learn online skills required for the digital world along with the skills required for the school/college.

This app is available for free download on Play Store which you can install on your smartphone and start learning digital skills right away.

Computer Basic Computer Course, MS Word, Basic Spreadsheet and Powerpoint Basic Course etc. Digital skill courses are available free of cost on Gyanly App . You can use this great and native education app to enhance your digital skills.

Online learning apps for school students:-


Indian students who are especially fond of learning English (because its demand has increased a lot with time), then let us tell you that Dualingo app is such a popular application in the world that helps you to learn many languages ​​of the world like English, French, German etc. does.

Also, this app for studies also helps you to improve your Vocabulary & Grammar Skills through Questions & Answers and Lessons in English subject.

The great thing about the app is that you can also practice what you have learned. You can practice Reading, Listening and Writing Skills of any language while playing the game in a fun way and you can install this free app now.


This app called Meritnation is available on Play Store. This application helps the students to solve their school related questions.

The App Class 6 CBSE board th from 12 th to present educational materials for students up. So far more than 15 million students are using this popular app in their smartphones.

Because this mobile application provides study material to the students as well as helps them in completing their homework. Also, sample papers to help the student in exam time, along with previous year question paper helps them to come in the list of toppers in the exam.

This app provides you with unlimited question practice, preparation of revision notes as well as attractive animation, video lessons. So this is a great application for students which you must try.

What are the top 10 educational apps?

Brainly ,Byju’s , Vedantu ,UnfoldU ,Dualingo
,Khan Academy,Meritnation ,Udemy ,Topper

Are educational apps bad?

No, educational app helps students to learn better.

Who is owner of Vedantu?

Vamsi Krishna – CEO & Co-Founder – Vedantu.

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