100+ Happy birthday wishes for son in english | Birthday status for son | Birthday quotes for son.

Happy birthday wishes for son in english

Birthady wishes for son : A son is one much you value his presence in your life, and one of the best ways to do this is with a birthday message for son. While there are many different ways to express your feelings, the best way is to put Birthday status for son on your status!

Happy birthday status for son in english

birthday wishes for son in english

You will always be my
biggest happiness, my son.
I love you so much.
🎂🍫Happy Birthday son!🎂🍫

To my dear son, Happy Birthday.
Thanks for giving me all
the happiness of this world.
🎂🎈I always pray for your
good health and success.
I love you son.🎂🎁

Blessing birthday wishes for son

May this birthday bring you
lots of happy moments.
🎂🍧Happy Birthday, dear son.🎂🍧

May all your wishes, dreams
come true and you get all
the success and joy you desire for!
🎂🎉Happy birthday, son.🎂🎉

whatsapp status for my son, birthday

A son like you gives us a
reason to stay happy and
proud each day, thank you!
🎂🍦Happy Birthday Dear!🎂🍦

I had asked you from the Lord
in prayers,your one smile
removes all sorrows . May this day,
my little prince , bring you
the gift of happiness.
🎉🍬Happy birthday son.🎂🍬

Happy birthday images for son in english

Happy birthday images for son in english

Sending special wishes to
the best son in the world.
We want you to be strong
and brave always.
🎂🥳Happy birthday, my Son!🎂🥳

We are the happiest
parents in the world who
got a son like yours.
🎂🧨Wishing you a very
happy birthday my son!🎂🧨

Birthday wishes for little son

Hey my little one, today
you’re a big boy. 🤩
Wishing you a great birthday!
You have all our blessings and we are praying for a wonderful life for you.💐

I thank God for sending
the sweetest little angel
as my son.
🎂🍫Happy birthday,
my dearest.🎂🍫

Happy birthday my son status in english

May you have another
glorious year of sound health,
and happiness!
🎂🤩Happy birthday Son.🎂🤩

May the rays of the sun
give you bright,
blooming flowers give you fragrance,
whatever we give will be less,
the giver will give you every
happiness of life…!!!
🎂🧨 Happy birthday beta.🎂🍰

Happy birthday message for son in english

Wish I could pick every piece
of happiness in the world
and give it to you!
🎂💐Happy birthday, son.🎂💐

These special days come
again and again in your life,
and we keep saying
happy birthday to you every time.
🍰🍫Happy birthday my son!🎂🍫

Happy Birthday greetings for son in english

By the grace of God, may
you be showered with
all the happiness in life
and always be
surrounded by loved ones!
🎂🍦Happy birthday, Champ!🎂🍫

Dear son, a very Happy Birthday
to you! You are the best
gift 🎁 in our life. Hope this
world will always be kind to you.
Have a wonderful day!🥳

Happy birthday quotes for son in english

You have grown up so fast;
I wish I could see you
crawling into my arms again.
🎂🌹Happy birthday my son.🎂🌹

My prayers are for you always
a smile on your face,
touch every height and fulfill
your every aspiration….
🎂✨Happy Birthday my hero
I love you my son!🎂✨

Birthday wishes From father to son in english

I’m so glad that God gave
me a son like you.
🎂🍰Happy Birthday to
my handsome son.🎂🍰

May you get every happiness in
the world, let
no sorrow touch you,
I want to be your
best friend, along with
being your father ….
🎂🎊Happy Birthday my baby.🎂🎊

Fathers see their own
reflections in their sons,
but in you, I see a much
better man.
🎂🎉Happy birthday my son.🎂🎉

Birthday wishes From Dad to son in english

May all of your wishes come true,
and know that as your dad,
I’m very proud of you.
🎂🍧Happy Birthday, Son!🎂🍧

Birthday wishes From mother to son in english

You have grown up so
much but to us, you are still
our sweet little munchkin!
We wish you all the happiness
in this world. We love you!
🎂🍰Happy Birthday to you, Son! 🎂🍰

No matter how old you’re,
you’ll always be my little angel,
a gift from heaven
and our biggest joy!
🎂🥳Happy birthday son.🎂🥳

Blessing birthday Wishes for son from mother

Happy birthday, dear son.
Mom loves you so much.
Have a good and exciting day.
You’re the best son ever.🎂🎊

May your life be filled with joy and prosperity. We cannot
wait to see many
more amazing things
that you’ll bring to this world!
🎂🍬Happy Birthday Son!🎂🍬

Heartfelt birthday Wishes for son

Wishing a very happy birthday
to the most adorable son
in the universe. 🤩
Wish you all the joy, love,
happiness and
prosperity in your life!💐

May all your dreams come true,
because everyone
deserves happiness,
our only wish is that there should
be happiness in your life…!!!
🍧🌹Happy birthday son!🍧🌹

Happy birthday sms for son english

May you achieve all your
dreams and desires in this
beautiful world and be a
successful person! You’re our pride.
🎂🌹Happy birthday my son!🎂🌹

Being a parent is never easy.
But loving a son is
very precious. You
bring infinite happiness and
love in my life.
🎂🥳Happy Birthday my son!🎂🎈

Happy birthday my son status in english 2 line

You may not need me now
and then anymore,
but when you do, I’ll be there.
🎂🍬Happy birthday son.🎂🍬

Son you are
a treasure given to us by God,
who filled our life with love
and lots of happiness…!!!
🎂🎈Happy Birthday Son!🎂🎈

Happy birthday son shayari english

I still remember the day you had accidentally blurted
out your first word, and our
home has been filled up
with your giggles
and grins ever since!
🎂🍧Happy Birthday, my baby!🎂🍧

Thank you for being my son
because you are the nicest kid
I could ever ask for! Wishing
for all your dreams to come true.
🎂🎊Happy Birthday
to you, my dear!🎂🎉

Birthday wishes for son from mom whatsapp status download

I can still feel the first kick
that made me realize someone
precious is growing inside of me.
Wondering how time
flies as you’re a big boy today.
🎂🍦Happy birthday my Champ!🎂🍦

Son, we wish you a very happy
birthday and for
the future ahead
🎂🎁Happy Birthday Beta.🎂🥳

Birthday wishes for son from mom and dad

The most memorable day for
us is when you came
into the world. We found
our angel on this beautiful day.
May you be blessed
with a bright future!
🎂💐Happy birthday our son !🎂💐

I love my son the most in this world
wish you happy birthday
beta! God Bless You…!🎂🍦

Birthday wishes for son from mom whatsapp status

No matter how old you grow,
you will also be momma’s boy,
and mom will love you the same.
🎂🥰Happy birthday, my precious.🎂🥰

Blessing birthday wishes for son from father

All I wish is that God helps
you achieve your dreams;
conquer all the success in life
and make you happy.
🎂🍬Happy birthday my son. 🎂🍬

Happy birthday. Cheers to
the arrival of you, my motherhood,
and all these amazing years!
🎂🎁May you grow
up so wise and strong.🎂🎁

Funny birthday wishes for son

Happy birthday, son.
Where’s my present for
you for all these years?🎂😁

You are terrific son.
Did you know that?
We are terrified by your sweetness.
May you have a
wonderful day full
of presents and flowers!
🎂💐Happy birthday my son!🎂💐

Happy birthday son poems from Mom

Wishing you from my heart
a great birthday with
hundreds of flowers.
May you always be the
special one in the crowd.
🎂🍰Happy birthday, Son.🎂🍰

Son birthday wishes in english

In my prayers, the first thing
I ask for is your happiness,
🍰🥰Happy birthday.🍰🥰

I feel privileged to be the
mother of a son like you.
I pray that you become
the most successful
and happiest person in your life!
🎂🌹Have a great birthday.🎂🌹

Heart touching birthday wishes for son

My dear son, you’re the
most handsome boy I’ve ever known.
I wish you become
a man of great values and
high morals in the future!
🎂🍦Happy birthday, dear.🎂🍦

You’re the most beautiful
thing that happened to me.
Wishing you all the happiness
and joy of the entire universe.
🎂💐Happy birthday, boy.🎂💐

Birthday message for baby boy

Hey little champ,
Happy Birthday to you!
Guess it’s time to get older
and wiser, so no more midnight
cookies for you!
Stay healthy, Son!🎂🥳

May you always be happy,
brave and strong; and
always adored by others
wherever you go in the world.
Enjoy your life to the fullest.
🎂🍧Happy birthday, Kid!🎂🍧

Birthday wishes for son from single mother

You can’t live anywhere without me,
I can’t live anywhere without you,
you are the reason for living life….
Happy birthday my son!🎂💐

Our lovely son, you are the
reason our family feels like a home.
You are the source of
our pride and joy!
🎂💐We wish a very happy, healthy and prosperous birthday to you!🎂🌹

Dear son, you have never
failed to make me proud
and happy. I hope this
special day brings you the
same happiness as well.
🎂🎁Happy Birthday to you!
May the forces be always with you.🎁🍧

Blessing birthday wishes for son with name

It’s a new morning, a new
start of your life.
May you have a special
birthday this time and
have a great life ahead!
🎂🍬Happy birthday, big boy!🎂🍬

On your birthday this year, I
am very excited that you
have emerged
as such a bright and capable youth .
Have a wonderful birthday.
🎂🎁Happy birthday
my young son.🎂🍧

Birthday poem for son in english

Neither from the summit of
Himalayan nor from any
king’s kingdom; but
from the deepest
corner of my heart,
wishing you a great
🎂🍫birthday dear son.
May you always be happy!🎂🍫

What kind of prayer should
I give to you,
which blooms flowers of
happiness on your lips,
this is my only prayer, may
God make your fortune bright like
stars …!!!
🎂🎈Happy Birthday Son!🎂🎈

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